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 Hello! My name is Katie. Welcome to Horse and Hounds Farm Sitting. I am an experienced horse and dog woman, who is available to watch your animals on site – at your farm or house – for you! 


I have experience with many different breeds of horses, including Warmbloods, Arabians and American Saddlebreds. My calm, cool demeanor allows me to handle horses with ease and I pride myself in the fact that I never lose my temper with them. Often, because of my quiet manner, I am the one to catch escapees. I have also worked with stallions and foals. I have worked as barn help, chief stall mucker, a hot walker, and as a Class A show groom. I have worked with foals, breeding stallions, broodmares, young stock, show horses and rescue animals. 

I have been house sitting for years. Along with house sitting naturally came dog, cat and other critter sitting (snakes, birds, rabbits, cows, etc). I'm experienced with many different breeds of dogs; the little guys like Poodles, Chihuahuas, and other types of lap dogs, to Pit Bull Terriers and Standard Schnauzers. I've even been entrusted with the care of week-old litters of puppies!




 My sitting stays vary; weekends, long weekends, week-long, 10-days, two weeks, even as long as a month.

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